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Signs My Destiny was being Spiritually Hijacked

Dear Journal!

I believe the root of everything is spiritual. This is how I grew up but also how I have grown to experience life since childhood and into adulthood. I believe we as human beings are spirit first and we exist on this earth in a body made of flesh. For this reason in my mind everything exist first in the spiritual realm before it manifest physically. I have also identified with being a dreamer since my youth. Yes, sure all of us dream but I personally have accepted it as a spiritual gift because of the growing amount and high number of dreams that have come true in my waking life over the course of several years. I also identify as being an empath. For no other reason than the fact that I got to a point where I could no longer deny the occurrences and events concerning this that were happening in my life. In my belief, I think everyone has gifts, spiritual gifts. They vary in assortment and levels and so with that said, these happen to be my main ones. Now, I will detail a specific period of my life I came face to face with being spiritually high jacked.

As the year wrapped up, things were bubbling. A lot of revelations had surfaced and my eyes were now open even more so. I could not deny that I had been blinded by a force that was not about my betterment. I had now learned that my deeper level of misfortune was in direct correlation to the existence of a certain person in my life. Or should I say a certain energy or spirit, based on my beliefs as mentioned earlier. I was not blaming someone else per say because I know better than to do that. But it was clear that some evil acts were being done. It had all happened so fast as well. This so called sudden onslaught of bad luck? I know that this meant a few things. So questions began to fill my mind. how did I subconsciously allow this? Because in order for the hijacking to take place there has to be an agreement between two people? Spirits? Looking back in are 8 prominent signs of spiritual hijacking was taking place in my life?

1. My Dream life turned all the way up and I was literally getting like zero sleep.

I already don't sleep a lot which is my natural circadian rhythm. I sleep just enough for me. But during this time, I was constantly being bothered by nagging spirits. I found myself having more lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are when I was aware that I was dreaming in a dream. Therefore it allowed me to consciously fight within the dreams. Which I definitely needed because what happens in dream life, is the spiritual realm and dictates fortune in waking life. The good thing is I had time to see things in my dream and pray and rebuke things from manifesting in reality.

2. The person starts behaving crazy and unstable themselves...because of the spirits working with them

People that seemed like they know what they want start to waver. They start to melt down a bit and in my case at times would ask me for solutions to problems they created for themselves. They also would attempt to project their personal crazy mindset and behaviour onto me like I shared the same crazy. The person's misery wanted company. They would make outlandish inappropriate and risque statements and declarations that tried to implicate me as just like them. I had to make it clear that we are not the same. That I will not be oppressed.

3. Even when in a generally good mood, I didn't want to go out and socialise at all.

I became a real homebody no matter what.

4. The person unloaded extreme levels of painful experience in my life and was looking to me to comfort and save them?

They broke my spirit. Took my heart out of my chest and then wanted me to brush it off like it was non invasive? Basically making light of the very deep levels of pain they had big part in putting me through. I was supposed to stomach hell in their eyes. They had no moral compass whatsoever.

5. I couldn't deny that I was being visited and monitored spiritually. I could sense and feel it every time it was happening.

In the late night, I could not deny that there were spiritual visitors. At first, I was worked up and scared but then I prayed to God and he would send scripture and other Godly seers by way of youtube and books to read in addition to the Bible that would guide me in fighting back. Slowly but surely I started to gain more confidence in talking back to the monitoring spirits, speaking and letting them know they had no license to bother me because I am a child of God that is knowledgeable about spiritual laws. I learned quickly that the unseen enemies play on our human waking life knowledge of what laws of God are and how to recite and use them to preserve the hedge of protection on a child of God's life.

6. The person would use whatever means they were using to see me? Almost crystal ball like?

In hindsight, when they had never actually been around me, I remember them saying things like, "I will visit you in your dreams, or that they know every inch of my body." How could this be possible when I had never seen them in person, ever before. Clearly this person was using wicked forces to exert themselves on me and into my life. The worse part about it, is I was aware of spiritual law to the extent that they could not do these things unless there was an agreement. After all, I realised the enemy also used a good amount of dream forgetfulness to attack me so that I would not be able to remember the dreams. Now, looking back, I know now to pray to God to remember the dreams so that I can cancel out wicked dreams immediately not allowing for unknown covenants to form.

7. The person was suicidal and narcissistic.

Along with this person, that was used as an agent of demonic nature to attempt to oppress me, their mannerisms became more and more weird, confusing and fatally centered. Not only that, they acted as if the world revolved around having a pity party about their personal circumstances. And had no regard for anyones life. Meaning they didn't care who they hurt emotionally, spiritually or physically as long as they could gain what they felt they needed. It didn't matter to them if they had to take lives and affect generations to come. All that mattered was the person's selfish interest. Lamenting over everything from the smallest of things to the most detrimental and grave, when they participated and cause everything they experienced to begin with.

8. The person was very strategic and calculating in their fault finding in the time I knew them.

To piggyback on point number 7. When I was not in agreement with them anymore, consciously or subconsciously, they threatened to put lies about me on a public platform. They fabricated a lot of stories and attempted to bring me down in every way imagine able.

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