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Why I Decided to Crown Myself Queen!

Updated: Mar 20, 2020


I was never the boy crazy type growing up. In fact, I was the tomboy that hid my curvy and athletic body all the way until I was in College. I mean, literally most of my clothes were not form fitted like some of my friends but baggy like a guy. I was shy as ever. The crushes I did have usually stayed within my mind and heart, as I watched my boy crazy friends act out, "If you got it flaunt it, type ways." I say this to say, I took myself very seriously growing up and keeping it, all the way G, I didn't start talking to guys on the phone relationship wise until way late. And so, when it comes to relating to others, that being, family, friends, associates at work or in my networks although not as drastic as the delays in relating to the opposite sex romantically speaking. I grew to realise that I needed to rely on myself, bet on myself instead of others so much. Why I decided to Crown Myself? Well....

A. I learned my energy was attracting exclusively the needy and not the spiritually grounded, emotionally intelligent, stabilising individual that I have grown to be. Nothing against, helping the needy, however at this point in my life, I had been taken advantage of and drained so many times, it was due time for that to subside. I needed to prioritise Myself and Stand My ground against takers, drainers and those not on my level.

B. I learned specifics about my great Yoruba lineage. After being denied direct Q & A from a family member of mines who could likely answer so many questions for me, I decided to take understanding details of my specific lineage, by the horns. This, by first placing my attention on the life path of

side and not so much my dad's for the time being. I had an epiphany about all I was doing for so many years. Although, my dad's side blessed me with the last name Adeyemo, which literally means, A Crown Befits My Head, since we're on the subject of Crowns. For now, my mom's side needed attention, in that it held several keys to my understanding my call, my purpose, my talents, my skillset and my family pride. Perhaps, I'll go into more details in another

C. I had to OWN that I was great! Theres was no more time for settling back into comfort and denying my innate greatness. It was no longer ok to be quiet, subtle and brushing off my strengths. I needed to OWN my work experience to gainful employment. I needed to OWN my ability to articulate a point well to creating necessary conversations between groups of differing backgrounds. I needed to OWN that I was being sought out and it was no longer okay to retreat. At a point, my intuition was highly perceptive and my inner voice was yelling (Makes Me laugh when I think about it). I had NO Choice.

D. I AM A QUEEN! From inside out!. No one else was going to come along and Crown Me before I understood Myself on a more deep and divine level. So I opted to stay alone and work on Me and in the end of my stage of processing CLAIM My Spiritual and otherwise birthright!

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