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10 Important Questions I Re-Asked Myself During My Social-Distance?!

(That Perhaps You May Want to Re-Ask Yourself)


Who would ever

believe we would

experience a


in our lifetime?

As a 30 something, who

feels I'm more on the side

of in touch with what is

current. The thought of an epidemic occurring, sure. After all it doesn't take for one to have the Master's in Public health program I never completed to know about epidemiology, lol. But a pandemic with a name Corona? Perhaps not in my lifetime. With that said, So many questions have come to mind personally and within group conversations with my friends, associates and coworkers pre self-quarantine era. So, at this time, I will share 10 Questions I literally re-asked myself and have started to re-confront and handle while in this period of societal separation.


1. Do I have an up-to-date living will in place?

2. Am I instilling the right set of knowledge in my child and niece? (As in, Can I do better?)

3. Where am I with GOD, My higher power?

4. Who is my family right Now? ( As in, who do I spend the most time with)

5. Am I doing work that is purposeful. fulfilling and rewarding?

6. Who can I thank for helping Me?

7. Who am I in a position to help? (As in, After helping Myself)

8. Am I working hard and smart enough?

9. What can I change in my life to improve it?

10. What does post Pandemic FAB look and feel like? (As in, consult God, pray and meditate)


Ya gyal FAB.

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