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5 Ways to tell they have Ulterior Motives

1. Their negative repeated patterns are laughed off as joking.

Maybe, the first time they ask you for money in a stitch and you wrote it off as a friend ish character needing a little assistance. But, then a second request comes in the form of you getting the tab at dinner, not because you offered but because it got dropped in your lap to handle unexpectedly. After which it becomes one shoddy hand off and excuse after another and you're basically supporting the person.

2. They're Super Nosy.

(You catch them in seemingly little white lies, All the time).

Maybe, they keep their personal cards close to their chest but expect you to divulge your personal business. This is kind of Sus, in my opinion. The imbalance in what should be the law of exchange of information in this case, highlights trickery. Its like they want to know all your tea so they can use it to their advantage.

3. They Religiously try to Persuade You.

This ones straight forward. It's about manipulation and control. It's about them getting what they want.

4. Everything is Surface.

Like why would they want depth other than to (as stated in point 2) take advantage? Surface is easier, faster, more self-centered and allows them to cut to the chase; THEIR OWN AGENDA.

5. Psuedo Check ins and Check ups.

It's not really about how you truly feel, but about getting obligatory programs out of the way, to get to the main point. What can one be used for now?

Hope this was helpful,


Ya gyal FabFola

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