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10 Mistakes I made when getting Married that You should avoid

Updated: Nov 3, 2017

1. Not truly getting to know the family like I should have, when I knew better.

2. Marrying into a culture because of familiarity, when I knew better.

3. Ignoring my dream symbols (in earlier days as a seer).

4. Marrying before creating my own footing, when I knew better.

5. Allowing it to be okay that he didn't truly leave his family and cleave to me, as his wife.

6. Not totally healing from my past before marrying. (Some things were still fresh).

7. Knowing that I am supposed to align with my core values and ignoring the red flags.

8. Making myself smaller i.e. Dumbing/Watering myself down for him and his family.

9. Settling for a way less than an ok courtship experience.

10. Avoiding signs of emotional and psychological immaturity.

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