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In Honor of Mom

Updated: Nov 3, 2017

Oluyemisi Bolatitio Adeyemo

She was a dynamic being and today would have been her 68th birthday. I love her always and quite frankly she is the main reason (other than myself) I dare to be great in life. This FabFola thing I've been being has come to fruition by way of spiritually guided and purposefully convicted necessity and it is truly just the beginning of this segment of my personal journey.

Coming of Age

"I feel well adjusted , stretched and ready, powerful and present.......”

As I just clocked 34 years old on August 26th I have really stepped into my greatness with more might and less self judgement about it all. I feel well adjusted, stretched and ready, powerful and present to do the things I am called to do in life for myself and for the greater good. I am open-minded, empathic, spiritually prayed up and shielded, accepting of my past, and full of knowledge to share.

Mom was Hard

She was like my worse enemy sometimes and in hindsight. I know that it is because I was set apart. She would often tell me I am different from everyone in my family, not just immediate family but extended as well. I didn't quite know what that meant all those years growing up. She was what I perceived as nasty to me, well because I just saw a harshness between us that wasn't there between her and my siblings. She wanted me to make it and to be massively successful. She knew I was spiritually gifted amongst other things but had what I felt was a hard way of delivering that understanding. Needless to say, I totally get it now.

Today's Chapters

“If I deem I'm so WOKE, theres no turning back.......”

The pages of my life today are full of inner vision and knowing. They are full of divine guidance and calculated risk taking. They are full of feeling the fear of it all and going for it anyway. And that is simply because today, in my personal account, If I deem I'm so WOKE, theres really no turning back to those shy- er, timid days of inner knowing and stuffing my emotions. Today's chapters are present, ever evolving, FUN, non-judgemental, and cosmically aligned IJN.

Get get it!

I tell myself daily, Stop making excuses, Stop staying in your feelings too much, Stop taking things personally and go get it! Stop allowing others to control your path, Stop saying you don't know, Stop being distracted and go get it! Stop having Whoa is me moments, Stop ignoring you inner guidance, Stop dumbing down your dreams and go get it!

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