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How to Live Your Best Life!

Dear Journal,

Its the 1st of September 2018 and I've been feeling really transformed as of lately. The truth is I've struggled with fluctuating levels of depression most of this year (consciously venturing through my wilderness season) and as I clocked 35 years of age last Sunday August 26th I've felt a real shift occur.

One question for me from others that has come up as of recently is, Folake what is one of the most current lessons you have learned in your life? I thought about it for a minute, but it didn't take long to state that a mistake I feel I was making recently was, believe it or not, placing certain people on pedestals. Like, why was I doing this? When I thought about it, a little, I realised because of my very current declaration to take better care of me, some very very very old insecurities, from my past, in the form of people pleasing was trying to rear its ugly head. What I was happy about was my ability to quickly identify that this is what was happening and I literally talked to the fear out loud! I asked myself is this my higher self or another voice trying to plant seeds of doubt and fear in me? I answered myself, reminding myself that NO, that voice isn't mines and that I am confident, worthy and a glorious child of God! That positive self talk comes in handy now, however it wasn't always like that it took practice to arrive at a place such as this! I thank God!!!

The reality is you don't need to put anyone on a pedestal. Pour into yourself, so that your cup may runneth over into others in very tangible and powerful ways!

That is all for now



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