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How to Deal with Jealous Blood

Jealousy is one hell of an emotion that no one wants to admit they can see in any family member but unfortunately it happens.

1. PRAYER IS A NO BRAINER. But in this case. Get with Your spiritual family and involve intercessors and prayer teams to be a part of this process. This option of dealing with Jealous blood doesn't mean one should personally cancel their own prayers. But if anyone knows about the power of appropriately administered group prayer, then they would know the power it holds in breaking down the walls of deeply intrenched toxicity that exist in just about every family at a point in time.

2. See that it is the Spirit of...

This one point right here is so easy to forget. Just like how we forget that we are Spirit First, at least in my opinion, experience and frame of thought and being. For the Bible, pretty much sums it up as follows...

Ephesians 6:12: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

We are spirit, energy, essence and life! Therefore, the key to fully utilising this, is by (in a way) being prepared to remind ourselves that when things in the family get heated it is due to the so called dark side of spirit. Hence, the terms, the devil is at play or that the enemy is having a field day. Oh, and let's not forget one of our favourite cliche' terms related to this subject: That we are just Spiritual beings having a human experience. I often pray to cancel out and rebuke the Spirit of, for that is what is causing the spats and fights. We are human therefore low vibrational energy, in a sense, hires us in our human form when we show up as a low vibrating match. This is why certain people are consistently being picked up if you will. Their current frequencies allow them to. I can elaborate more later.....


When I say this, I mean BE BUSY with the right things! Veer on the side of healthy and constructive productivity. Occupy your time with the right things. SIMPLE.

4. Walk Out.

Sometimes You do need to separate yourself from the highly anxious, combative, non solution oriented, toxic environments your'e dwelling in. This also applies to the company you keep. Be Selective. Even with Your family.

5. Be Aware Enough to See it for what it is and Release it.

Every family has issues but theres levels to this ish. So with this knowledge, everyone must discern for themselves what their tolerance level and boundaries are. Theres a difference between occasional family arguments resulting from a family meeting that went left versus the obvious presence of habitual and intentional provocation, jumping to conclusions, gaslighting and physical violence that can result when things go way too far. We all have to decide our personal parameters, when it comes to how to deal with jealous blood.


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