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How to Deal with & Heal from being Used

We have all been used. Let's just keep it 100. Whether its in romantic relationships, business dealings, so called friendships or otherwise. Even the most resilient amongst us, which I at times consider myself has been used, played and tampered with in very disrespectful and insulting ways. How does one even begin to cope with the news of it all? How does one come to terms with accepting that they've been bamboozled? How do you come out of this with some dignity left? I have been through quite a bit in my three plus decades in life and I have some tools to share. Hopefully this can help at least one person start the healing process from out of a betrayal. And, start to see themselves for who they truly are again....

1. CRY: In my opinion, you must acknowledge it. You should let the floodgates do their thing. Depending on how shallow or deep the deceit was, it is so important to release it. Shed those tears, let out that ugly cry, but don't feel weak for it. You've experienced a tough case of betrayal you have to gradually get it out.

2. THERAPY is a good idea.

3. GET OUT IN NATURE. Go for brisk walks regularly. Maybe even switch out some of those crying moments for a sprint down the road. Or you can simply just plain walk, breathing deeply along the way. Do this as many times as possible. Do this as many times as necessary.

4. If You're able to, SPEND TIME with CHILDREN. OMG! This is one of my favorite options. That's of course if the betrayal you suffered has nothing to do with kids. PLAY with them like a kid yourself. Get lost in their presentation of unconditional love. Be fully in the moment and reap the benefits of the natural upliftment.

5. If you have the strength. STARE Yourself in the eyes, using a mirror and affirm words of encouragement to yourself. Remind yourself of who you really are. Despite the abuse, despite the deceit, despite the disloyalty, MAKE eye contact with your Soul! This kind of practice may not feel like much in the moment, you will likely cry but you will receive the benefits of it as you heal and become more and more resilient.


7. PRAY. In this case. Get alone and pray fervently. This is not a silent prayer moment. Pray like you're in the boxing ring. Be shameless. Be loud. Move around if you need to. Jump up and down. Sing in between. Call on Higher Power. Clap. Dance. Be as extreme in your space and in this Moment as you need to be. There is no judgement here. Release all of your burdens to God. PRAY like your life depends on it. FEEL the cosmic release and rest in it!!!

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