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Born into Celestial.

Updated: Nov 3, 2017

The American Account of birth into Celestial Church of Christ Fold.

I know you may be thinking, Born into Celestial, like what is that? Well, in my case I am referring to being born into and growing up in the Celestial Church of Christ. Where do I even start, honestly, its just too long of a story. But if your'e already lost and clueless you can start here with a plain heart and mind please, LOL. Because, as you can imagine there are many stigmas, rumours, lies and speculations told about this fold, based on the accounts of a few people. I can only tell my account from my experience. So let me begin.....

I was born into Celestial Church of Christ! Seven days after my birth in the Bronx NY, Friday, August 26th 1983, I was named in a naming ceremony at Jefferson Parish in Brooklyn NY, USA. Olufolake Adedolapo Adeyemo was the full name given to me, assigned to me amongst man other native names. From this point on, I am referred to as a covenant child. What does this mean really? I mean, in this case, in the biblical sense, what is a covenant, much more a covenant child? Keeping that in mind, according to my birthing, I am.

In my recollection, We as children spent a lot of time running around in sutana, spiritual white gown garment that serves as church uniform. We wore blessed crucifixes around our necks or on our clothes and we learned the Lords prayer, the Apostles creed, the introductory opening songs and many hymns from our Yoruba/english hymn book. In my account, I was called to join the choir as a child. I was always helping to organise things, putting events, committees and processes in order from a very young age. Despite all these great foundational factors, while any Celestian (Devout Celestial church member) would deem themselves spiritually and proudly peculiar, I still had to go to school in a very linear American school system with friends and classmates that would probably think I was strange for wearing a white gown. Today, I laugh because its funny, but as a child it was very annoying to not feel secure enough to talk openly and show people my so called faith.


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