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8 Ways I have Overcome Devastation in My Life

Everyone goes through devastation in life. Theres no way around it. Here are some key ways I was able to navigate pure and most times sudden devastation in my life experience.

1. I get help. I'm fortunate to realise I can't be the only one that has gone through whatever it is I may be going through so I reach out and ask for help. Theres no shame in this.

2. I let a close few know I need to be heard. I inform all those that matter, which is a few that I know, that even though I appear strong that I need them to really listen to me when I say I am weak in that moment.

3. I give myself a lot of time to grieve properly. I don't allow others to force me into their way of thinking or time constraints on how long I should take to recover.

4. I ask God about it every time. Perhaps this is just my belief in this process as an intuitive, but I personally believe God will answer my questions. Like clockwork, He does every time whether its in my dreams, by sending me a book to read, or delivering a message by way of another individual, friend or even perfect stranger. The answer is usually very clear and answers my specific questions I've posed to God within my mind earlier.

5. Take the support of family and friends. I didn't have a lot of this growing up. If possible, make them realise you are devastated even if you leave out the details. I've done this to inform the people around me that Im, at that time, not operating anywhere close to 100%. This is so they are aware to handle me with care.

6. I stretched my body more. At times I would be so bummed that making it to anyone's gym just wasn't a possibility in my mind therefore not in my spirit or body. I would manage to sit up on the edge of my bed and stretch as much as I could. My body was stiff and so just being able to stretch out some of the stagnant energy in my body was helpful.

7. I Listen to Motivational talks. They're all over youtube and I utilised as many videos as I could. I would pull up one after the next, setting up autoplay in most cases. I felt beating these higher vibrational reminders into my head would help me start to get back into a more positive mind space. Once my mind was at a certain level, I would become more myself again.

8. I Sing. Ive been doing this since I was a child. My mom would call me mouth singer. I would sing anyway, always in the choir in school and in church growing up. But in this case, I would sing whatever songs came to my heart. I sing as loud as I can and with all the energy I can muster. This has been powerful for me in my life. My loud singing used to get on my sister's nerves lol, but it helped me release any worries I had in one of the most health ways.

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