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5 Secrets to Finding Happiness

Updated: Nov 3, 2017

You, yeah you have to CREATE it Yourself.

You have to create your happiness from within.

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5 Secrets I personally use are:

1. I get carried away with things I am passionate about.

Inside that world I have created, there is very little room to get caught up in the lower vibrational energy.

2. I find the support I need.

I am a strong woman but I don't overdue it. I don't feel the need to present to the public like I am invincible or that I can be all things to all people. I own that I am a human being that needs support. I exclusively stick with family, friends and supporters that know and understand what I am trying to do with my life. I cut off the opposing team from having any access to my dreams and plans. I create my own lane and build a protective barrier.

3. I have to laugh.

It doesn't take much. Watch a funny movie. Listen to funny audio content. subscribe to channels that will make you laugh all the time. Spend more time around that funny person you know. This option may seem simplistic but can significantly lift your spirits overall spirits over a time.

4. Volunteer your time to the less fortunate.

You will wish you did it sooner. It will allow you to see your own plight in a very different light as well as create more deep seated gratitude for what you do have.

5. Travel

Break up that monotonous energy of the same old same old. It is about moving and being in another environment and FEELING the difference.

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