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5 Benefits of Matured Singleness!

Well, here I am ya gyal FABFOLA! Matured and Single at the moment. Am I complaining? I can honestly say I am not. After all now in my 30s I have the experience of a tenured marriage a divorce and childbirth and rearing on my life CV. Who gon' check Me boo? Naw I'm just joking but seriously in light of my life challenges so far I have come to a point of matured singleness I can speak intelligently about because well I wasn't always single.

1. I don't have to run my plans by anyone or answer to anybody about my life decisions. Big or small unless I'm running it by God of course lol. At least in my case, I can't speak for others that are maturely single.

2. No one can tell Me I don't have the experience of marriage. I do and my ex husband was one of my biggest life teachers I have ever experienced!

3. I thoroughly enjoy my ME time in ways I haven't enjoyed it in years! No nagging feeling related to so called obligatory wifely duties lol.

4. My Travel life is mega transformed, in that can you say NO LIMIT!

5. I'm the Most open I've ever been to exploring and discovering different aspects of Who I AM!

Love Ya gyal,


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